cpvMarketplace's advanced contextual advertising solution improves the conversion of a visitor into a buyer.

  • Target consumers by keywords, URLs and countries
  • Cost-effective platform steers high-converting traffic
  • Superb ROI and outstanding customer support

Turn Targeted Traffic into Buyers

Using breakthrough technology, cpvMarketplace enables you to reach your desired audience through the keywords, URLs and geographic locations that you choose. This method yields excellent results and conversions compared to hit-or-miss ad platforms, as it effectively targets the specific audience that you have in mind.

Complete Control for Maximum Value

Our ingenious self-serve platform grants total control to advertisers, allowing them to maximize their campaigns. Aside from choosing the keywords, URLs and countries that they want to target, they can also select the number of ads and the frequency that it can be displayed to unique visitors. All these ensure that advertisers can get the most value out of their campaign.

Outstanding Customer Service

We have dedicated account managers to assist clients with optimizing their advertising campaigns. At the same time, we are committed to protecting the right and privacy of consumers by following a strict code of ethics. Our team believes in delivering professional and personalized service to help you grow your business and ultimately achieve success.

Become an advertiser now to experience the many benefits of cpvMarketplace.