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Our Cost Per View (CPV) model maximizes the effectiveness of your campaign, delivering potential customers to you at the moment that they are interested in your product. With cpvMarketplace, you can bypass the competition by taking the consumers that you want to target right at your door.

CpvMarketplace drives targeted traffic of the highest quality, providing you with the best audience that you have in mind. Experience effective Cost Per View (CPV) online marketing at its finest with cpvMarketplace.

What We Do

We provide a cost-effective advertising platform based on a Cost-Per-View (CPV) model, enabling you to target the specific audience that you have in mind at a price that you select. Using sophisticated behavioral technology, cpvMarketplace allows you to use broad or exact target matching to meet your advertising goals.

With cpvMarketplace, you can attract customers who are most interested in your product or service, drastically improving the results of your campaign. Our experienced team is committed to delivering outstanding customer support and helping you achieve the highest ROI.

Advertise with cpvMarketplace and Enjoy These Advantages

  • Choose your target audience, whether by keywords, URLs or countries
  • Advanced bidding platform improves conversion and lowers advertising costs
  • International traffic inventory available in all countries
  • Superb customer support to help you optimize your campaign.

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